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Rahuri Semen Station

Rahuri Semen Station is one of the four semen stations under NDDB Dairy Services. With a set of highly skilled & well- experienced professionals, this station is committed to serving the nation by enhancing the quality of services provided to Indian Dairy Farmers.

The frozen semen produced in the station is marketed under the brand name “Superior Animal Genetics,” which is now the top-selling animal semen brand in the country. Rahuri Semen Station is on a continuous journey to raise the level of quality services provided and be an active contributor to the development of the Dairy sector in India.

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The Greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

- Mahatma Gandhi

Indigenous Cattle Research and Training Centre has started using IVF/Embryo Transfer Program in collaboration with Rahuri Semen Station,NDDB. Through this technology,it is planned to have 150 calves of indigenous Cattle breeds viz.Sahiwal,Gir,Tharparkar,Red Sindhi and Rathi on MpKV farms and at farmer's doorstep.This advanced technology application was launched on 28 October 21 by the Honorable Governor of Maharashtra State at RCDP on Cattle,MPKV,Rahuri. Uptill now, 4 Gir Calves and 3 Sahiwal Calves were born through this technology at University farms and farmer's door..Total 19 Recipient Cows were confirmed for pregnancy of Gir, Tharparkar and Sahiwal breed at farmer's door in Pune ,Ahmednagat and Satara district of Maharashtra. Embryo Transfer of Sahiwal breed in 12 Recipients was done recently in Baramati, Pune . The protocol of heat synchronisation required for ET is being initiated in 80 recipient cows in Solapur district of Maharashtra and Embryo Transfer will be done accordingly. The said technology is being implemented through NDDB,Rahuri and will help in the conservation of indigenous Cattle of high pedigree.

- Indigenous Cattle Research and Training Centre, College of Agriculture,Pune
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